Thursday, January 22, 2015

FairyTale Finish Polish Valentines Trio Set. Swatch/Review Release 1/23!!!!

I am all kinds of giddy about these here polishes!
All so squishy and jelly.
Amanda over at Fairytale Finish Polish has created an adorable set here.
This trio flows nicely together, yet have their own personality. I honestly cant decide which is my favorite.
Each swatch is 3 coats. With some larger glitter placement. And omylanta the glitters! I heart these glitters!
The brush is a medium thick brush. Picks up the right amount of polish for one smooth coat.
Each lid is contoured for easy handling when applying the polish.
Feeling in the mood for some of these limited Valentines polishes? I happened to have the link you need to get there.
Now on to the swatches.
First off is Give Me Butterflies.
And boy does this ever!
A bright pink jelly base with holo dust glitter, aqua hex, purple square and aqua, purple and pink butterflies. Butterflies people! Get it!?
Next we have Love Me, Love Me Not.
I choose to Love You!
This is a black jelly base with neon pink and silver holo hearts and pink flakies.
Cantcha just feel the love here people!
And last is Teal It To My Heart.
Ha! Amanda is so punny!
A light teal crelly with super fine holo dust, turquoise flakies, turquoise holo hex and teal hearts.
Listen, if you want a guaranteed great valentines gift from your significant other, casually accidently on purpose send this link their way.