Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Essence Breaking Dawn Polish Swatches

I was given a heads up about the essence Breaking Dawn makeup from a fellow instagram. I immediately set out to find the polishes. I was told that Fred Meyer was carrying these. I went from one Feddies to another to get the whole collection. My friend even stopped at her local store to grab the last one I needed in the set. Bless her.
Ulta sold this collection also but from what I hear they sold out early. But, I have only been to my local Ulta. So, it wont hurt to look.
All swatches are two coats.

Left to right. Edwards Love, Alice Had a Vision, Jacobs Protection and Piece of Forever
 Edwards Love
Alice Had a Vision
Jacobs Protection
A Piece of Forever

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  1. OOo the glittery polishes are pretty! I haven't been at Ulta in a while. I'm missing out on a lot of nail collections, darn it! Edward's Love would be my favorite here.