Monday, September 30, 2013

The Perfect Halloween Nail Polish?

Have you already been thinking about what will be on your nails for Halloween?
I hadn't thought about it yet until Candied Lustre posted about making this limited addition Halloween polish. Its called Spellbound. 
She did something very unique with these. Each one sent out glow a different color in the dark. And the stars glow in the black light. I couldn't wait to try mine out to see what color I got!
I received the one that glows blue. 
I must say that when I first saw her post of these on Instagram I didn't even know that they glow in the dark. Just the color and stars alone I thought were really wonderful. It wasn't until I called my mom to tell her that this was a must get, that I found out. And only because my mom read the description. I was so excited about the color!
So anyway, I received this last week and wore it for 5 days before it started to peel.
I do wish it was more bright in the dark but it wont deter me from telling you that if she ever restocks this polish,you really should purchase it! For real!

I do have on one coat of this polish from Colour Gossip. The name escapes me now. But,I will look for the polish later and post the name.
I wanted it to be more purple.

And then one coat of Spellbound on top. 
Very easy to apply and I didn't have to go fishing for the stars.

Here it is in the dark. I did place my nails under a l.e.d. light before taking the picture.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYFW Spring 2014 Zang Toi Inspired Nail Art. Collab. With Video Pictorial

Continuing on with our NYFW nail art challenge.
This time I decided to add a video pictorial. I need to keep up with my Youtube videos and thought this was a great way to do that.
And of course the lovely BeautyByKrystal has joined forces with me again. You all really need to check her nails out below or follow the link HERE to see her process.

Products used:
My base is from Sally Hansen in Midnight in NY
Acrylic paint in the colors Royal Blue,White and Black
Two different sized art brushes. Short fine and a long fine stripe brush.
Seche Vite for my top coat to seal in the design.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2014 NYFW Inspired Nail Art. BIBHU MOHAPATRA. Collab

Ok sweet cheeks. Here is another nail art design inspired this time by Bibhu Mohapatra.
I love all his colorful looks but this one really stood out for me.
And once again the fabulous Krystal from collabed with me. I think ours compliment each other beautifully. To see her design and inspiration head over to her blog HERE or scroll down.

Products used to create this look.
Base is Sally Hansen in Midnight in NY
Accent colors from left to right. Face of Australia in Party at the Gap, Color Club(no name), Loreal in Greycian Goddess.
Topped with butter London Matte or Seche Vite high gloss.
Nail tape,Sponge or eye shadow applicator and art brush.

I sponged on the dark greys.

And Brushed on the light grays.Just to add different textures like the fabric.

Here it is in both matte and gloss. Which do you like?

Krystal's beautiful design. I think they accent each other nicely.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Broken Nail Routine Using Silk Wrap. Update!

I have posted pictures of my newer nail fix routine on my Instagram recently but not in more detail. I have received many request to show the steps I take.
I previously posted a broken nail routine using nail bandages. I still stand by my review for that product.
However,I believe this technique is also very good. I clean houses part time and this has worked so well. I do wear gloves when cleaning,but my hands sweat and I am always bumping them on something.
All products used were purchased at my local Sally Beauty Supply.

Before picture.
You can see on the bottom left that my nail has begun to break. I bent it.


You will need
Swiss Silk Wrap
Gel Cure
Light-less Gel
Nail Glue
And a brush on nail glue.
I use two different glues because I don't want the get to be mix with the glue. So I just designated my brush on glue for this process.

Make sure your nail is dry and free of any oils. I just cleaned my nail with pure acetone.

Pick out the correct size for your nail bed. Then cut a small piece off.

Carefully peel off the silk. And place on your nail.
Take your scissors and trim off the access silk.

Place a very small amount of nail glue on the silk wrap. You will see the color change. Gently move the glue around the silk until fully covered. Do Not place the glue on anything other then the silk wrap. Its better to add very little at a time.
Wait at least 5 minutes. 

Place a pea size drop of the gel on the top of your nail. With your brush,the brush on glue, Bush on the gel evenly while avoiding your cuticle and skin area.

Then spray on the Gel Cure about 7 inches from the nail.

Wait another 5 minutes for the gel to set.
Then lightly file and buff your nail.
You wont need to much buffing. 
Rinse your hands and add a top coat.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I hope you use this technique!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spooky Wishing Weed. Pictorial

Jumping right in to the Halloween nail art. To soon? Maybe. But I need my fix early,so here we go.
When I did my wishing weed design I thought of this one while doing it. I couldn't wait until Fall.

I started with two coats of Sweet on Pete from Nicole by O.P.I.

I then sponged on Sweet on Pete and Suzie & The 7 Dusseldorfs from O.P.I.
Clean up the edges with acetone and angled brush.

Then I took the same stamp 006 from Vivid Lacquer and stamped on the dandelions.

I used black acrylic paint and a very fine art brush to create the spider web.

And last I added a matte top coat.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NYFW 2014 Vivienne Tam Inspired Manicure. Collab with BeautybyKrystal

Keeping with our nail art challenge to create nail art inspired by NYFW designers, today we chose to pick from Vivienne Tam's spring collection. Her prints are amazing. It was difficult to choose just one.
I actually decided to go outside of the realm of my more whimsical designs and pick this stream line print. It was more challenging and I loved it!
Its amazing what you can do with nail tape and layers.
Again Krystal from beautybykrystal also picked her favorite. I am absolutely in love with her nails! They are spot on for sure.
To see her inspiration click HERE or scroll down.

Products used:
Base is Zoya in Jacqueline
Colour Gossip in Clutch Bag
Color Club (no name)
A Black Stripe rite
And nail tape

Matte and glossy finish.

Monday, September 9, 2013

NYFW 2014. Zimmerman Inspired Nails Collab with BeautybyKrystal

My cousin Krystal from BeautybyKrystal asked me if I wanted to do a collab nail art challenged with our inspiration being 2014 fashion week. I thought it was a fantastic idea! I am not huge in to fashion but I am in to prints!
So we will be picking designers and then each of us will choose a dress or outfit for our inspiration.
The first one is from Nicky Zimmermann's line.
To see the super awesome nail art from Krystal click HERE or scroll down. I love hers!

Here is my inspiration.

Krystal's Inspiration and Nails