Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cousin Girl Time!

My cousin visited us this last couple days. Of course we had to get her nail did.
She makes the cutest apron. And the pattern on hers was just to cute! She had a great idea to replicate it on her nails. Well,I'm a sucker for patterns on the nails.
And I also love to incorporate stamping and free hand together.

Products used
Base is Sally Hansen in Midnight in NY
Stamped with Sinful colors in Snow Me White 
Using Cheeky Jumbo Plate 3
Ring fingers base is Morgan Taylor in All White Now
Hand painted detailed flower with acrylic paint.
For these I used gelish base and top coat for her mani to last longer.


With Love for a Friend.

I have met the most amazing women since starting this journey with my nail art. The way women come together to help,encourage and share our love for nails and beauty is beyond me. One amazing lady I have been lucky enough to know is Jess.(Instagram jessjamify) Facebook Random Beauty with JessJamify. We met thru my cousin Krystal whom she follows on Instagram. 
Why is Jess such an amazing person to me? Well, she has overcome a lot in her young life. One of them being a survivor of breast cancer. And the other,having her mother pass away far to soon in her life.
Her mother was a rockin nail artist and Jess often says that my work reminds her of her moms work. I always feel uplifted and genuinely delighted when she says this.
A couple weeks ago Jess asked me to create a manicure dedicated to her mom. She told me her mom was a huge fan of lips. Anything to do with lips or lipstick.
So after some thought I came up with this design. 
The entire time I painted these I had her mom and her quietly talking in my ear. Jess has a few picture of her wedding day on her facebook in which the both of them just look radiant and glowing with joy. You can literally see love in there faces.
I was so honored to be asked to create these. There isn't much going on with this design. Simple and beautiful. Just like there relationship.
One day I will meet Jess in person. There will be tears im sure. But most of all there will be love and respect. And of course nail painting. She has also promised to do my makeup! She is one amazing makeup artist. Like mother like daughter.

Base is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY
The lips and ribbon were hand painted using acrylic paints.
Topped with Seche Vite

Now for picture over load. =)

Thank you Jess! Muah!
Love and Positivity

Monday, July 22, 2013

Make a Wish Dandelion. Wishing Weed

I just had to do a separate post for these. They turned out exactly how I pictures in my head. That doesn't always happen.
I purchased this awesome plate from Vivid Lacquer on etsy. I fell in love with these images right away. To see my full review for the plate click HERE

Base in Morgan Taylor in All White Now
I painted the profile face with black acyclic paint and fine art brush.
Stamped with Vivid Lacquer 006
Topped with butter London Matte Finish

Glossy finish

Matte Finish
My favorite.

Review and Nail Art Stamped with Vivid Lacquer Plate 006

I ordered these on June 30th and finally received them on July 18th. The shipping info say processing takes up to 10 days. So I anticipated a longer delivery wait. But after 16 days passed I contacted Vivid Lacquer to make sure my order went thru. I was also concerned because we have package thieves in our area. I wanted to be home when it was delivered. She responded right away and informed me she was ill and was unable to get to the post office. I completely understood. We all get sick. I for one don't move a muscle when I'm sick.
At any rate my order arrived a couple days later with a free mini bottle of her polish(Late Bloomer) and a apology note. Super sweet. This is what customer service should always be like. She also offered me a 30% off discount on my next purchase.
I WILL be purchasing from her again!
I am absolutely in love with this stamping plate!
They transfer beautifully every time.
I use black because that way I can see if the entire image transfers. It does!
The images are huge! And there are some for smaller nails. 
If your a collector of stamping plates,this is a must!

On to the pictures.
Size comparison to Mash
Size comparison to Pueen
Size comparison Cheeky
Mash on the Left Pueen on the Right
Vivid Lacquer

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nail Art Using New essence floral GRUNGE Nail Polish and Temporary Tattoos

This polish and temporary tattoos are from the new essence floral GRUNGE polish collection.
I picked these up the other day From Fred Meyer. This one is called" Grunge Me Tender!"
For instruction about applying temporary tattoos to your nails click HERE.

I love this color. And when I saw that the tattoos were small enough to place on the nails,I just had to have them! And I am glad I did! The detailed lace it just to perfect.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Essence floral GRUNGE Nail Polish Collection

I just happened to get to my local Fred Meyers store right after they put this new collection display up. Usually I have to visit all 5 stores within 20 miles of me just to get the entire collection.There is usually only 2 to 3 of each piece in the collection.So,getting my hands on all of the collection can be difficult.
Then I call another Fred Meyers the next day to see if they have put the display out yet and I spoke to the women in charge of stocking the beauty section. She informed we that she would be putting the collection out in the next hour. My mom(bless her heart) raced over to pick up 2 sets of the entire polish collection. One set is for to my cousin Krystal from http://www.beautybykrystal.com/
One set is for my Instagram Giveaway.And the rest of the collection.
And one for me!

Here are the swatches of these beauties.
Each one has a different finish. I love that!
3 needed at least coats. But they never got really thick and caked. 
The brushes are nice and thick for easy application.

First is THE PEARL.
Semi sheer white base with very small shimmer glitter.
3 coats

A semi sheer coral

A semi sheer mint green.
4 coats

A light lilac/lavender shimmer matt
2 coats

A dark grey with textured silver glitter. Semi matt finish
2 coats

Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Giveaway on my Instagram!

Hi there guys! 
Just wanted to let you know I'm holding an awesome giveaway on my Instagram account!
Go check it out!
Here are the rules. Remember entry is thru My Instagram

Ok! Here we go!!!! My Birthday Giveaway. I really hope you love this prize as much as I do. I actually got the entire collection of the NEW Essence Floral Grunge for you beauties!!! If your interested in swatches of the polish I will have it up by the end of the day on my blog. But for the makeup,you will need to google those. This collection includes:
 5 polishes
 2 sets of mini lips gloss
 2 eye shadow pallets
1 hair dye powder 
Temp tattoos (small enough to put on your nails)
 Reusable eyeliner strips
 And a Head Band
 Now for the Rules.
 You must follow these rules or your entry will NOT count. 
1* you will need to repost the picture above. In the comments please hashtag #rainysbdaygiveaway @ me as well And answer the following questions
 ** What is my most liked Instagram Photo?
 ** What is my most viewed Youtube video? (Same user name as her)
 ** What is your favorite Mani from me.
 Rule #2 Open internationaly if your willing to pay up to $10 usd for shipping costs outside US and Canada
 Rule#3 Open to all ages. BUT If you are 17 or younger I will ask that you email of kik me a picture of you with you parent giving me a thumbs up. 
Rule#4 If you have followed all the rules upon your post I will then issue you a entry number. 

Winner will be chosen at random on August 16th 2013
 I have always run clean and fare contests and giveaways. I love all my followers and ask that we keep it a no drama all positive giveaway. I have the right to disqualify anyone who doesn't agree. Good luck everyone!
 Xoxoxo Btw!!!! Contest coming this week! Wait till you see those goodies!

Wedding Nails. Day 30! Of my 30 Day Stamping Challenge

Well I can tell you,I have had such a blast doing this challenge. My hope and wish in doing this stamping challenge was 1) To get a better technique and learn more. 2) To show you all just how versatile stamping can be.
I feel like I have accomplished those goals. There are still many techniques and ideas that are now flowing thru my brain. This has sparked the nail artist inside of me!
Thank you for clicking on to my blog to see all me creations.
Much Love to you all!

Now, on to today's nail.
I decided to do a wedding nail. I cant remember if I have done a "wedding nail" yet. I don't think so. 
These turned out better then I had hoped. I was afraid the stamp would get lost in the pale blue. But they accent each other quite nicely.
The blue is quite pale. Easily worn as your "something blue". In some lights there is a faint hue of mint green.

Products used:
Gina Glaze in Keep Calm,Paint On
Stamped with Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
Using Jumbo Cheeky Plate 8
Accented with Barielle in Intriguing (a soft white shimmer)
Half Pearl Decals. (found at my local craft store in the scrap book sticker section)
Seche Vite top coat.
Light Box
Indirect Sunlight