Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Essence Cosmetics Superheros Collection. Swatch and Review

I picked up this set from Fred Meyer. I believe they are also available at Ulta. I paid $2.49 each.
All these polishes are unique. And I am happy to see Essence come out with a thermo.
The thermo was the only polish that needed 3 coats. But still very smooth.
The bushes is flat and thick. Making application that much easier.
The display is quite cute.
Essence description of the collection:
heroic and supernatural – new dimensions for nail styling sessions! the products in the new essence trend edition “superheroes” offer your nails super(hero) effects in november 2013. holographic, iridescent, a sand feeling, liquid gold, thermo effect, 3d textures like glitter or flakes or stickers – the variety has no limits! welcome to the new galaxy of nail art! the trend edition also includes super cool colors like fuchsia, turquoise, dark blue, purple, yellow, gold and silver. each of the products – whether nail polish, stickers or glitter, turns your nails into an ultimate highlight. there’s also an extraordinary nail polish remover with glitter particles to remove all creative styles and a practical turquoise cosmetics bag with a sequin look to store all your superheroes in!
A quick fyi.
The US is always the last to receive collections from this company. So, this has been released over seas for some time now.
Oil Slick Effect
My favorite out of the lot.
A chrome chameleon effect. It looks just like an oil slick.
Direct sunlight
Sand Effect
The ever trendy sandy texture with fine silver glitter flakes.

Galaxy Flakes
A jelly base with 3 sizes of hex glitter in silver and holo.
Holo Effect
Silver chrome base with very small holo glitter.
Boy,does this one pop!
Direct sunlight.
Blurred shot to show the holo effect of the glitter.

Thermo Effect
Turns from a purple to pink in warmth.
So, what's your favorite?
And do you have any of the collection?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Water Color Spring Nails

I have always loved water color. The paintings always look just brilliant in color. The way the paper soaks up the paint in such a way to give it depth. I love that.
I wanted to transfer that same idea on to my nails. The outcome looks more difficult than you think.
Anyone can do this.
The key of course is the matte base. It has the same texture as paper might on the nail. Of course I didn't use water color paint. I just watered down my acrylic paint. It turned out better than expected. I am very pleased. I very much intend to create more nail art with this technique.
Products used:
Acrylic Paint, Very fine Art Brush, A Very Fine tip Pen, White polish, Matte Polish Finish and Seche Vite top coat.
And a small brush to mix the colors.

Here is the design with a matte top coat. 

Glossy top coat.
Close up of the flowers

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pueen Cosmetics Stamping Plates. Buffet Collection Review

If you are in to nail art and follow the latest and greatest products that have been released I would be very surprised if you haven't heard of this new collection from pueen cosmetics. And if you have not? I am so happy to be the one to show you!
I was so very excited to snatch up the Buffet Collection. I just had to share my thoughts.
I hope you enjoy my video review.
If you are interested in purchasing these plates you can find them at
Amazon and pueencosmetics.com For about $20