Saturday, October 25, 2014

Essence Aquatix Polish Collection Swatch & Review

I have been waiting 3 months for this collection!
The wait was more than worth it. I love each one of these polishes. Its like the perfect runway collection. They all flatter each other perfectly.
In my area the Essence collections are sold at Ulta and Fred Meyer.
I picked up one of each item in this collection with exception of the body glitter spray.
Here is some nail art I created using most of this collection. To see me create this mermaid mani click HERE
Each swatch is two coats.
The Caribbean Sand
The Sparkle
The Holo
The Mother of Pearl
The Ocean Sand
The Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Mani Using Essence Aquatix Collection

Click HERE for full swatches of all polishes in the Aquatix essence collection.
Where to start...
I am so in love with these Mermaid nails.
Lets start with the decals. These are from Louityourself.
The pearls and iridescent hex are from ebay.
The ring and pinky finger are nail wraps from the Essence collection. And my review and process for those can be found HERE
Then painted over with The Mermaids Tail.
Middle finger base is The Holo then stamped with Pueen Encore Plate using The Caribbean Sea. And dotted with The Mermaids Tail.
Pointer finger base is The Mother of Pearl.
I have added a video of my process.


Essence Aquatix Collection Mermaid Nail Sticker Review

I Purchased these wraps at my local Fred Meyer. The Essence collections can be tricky to find. Ulta carries them often.
The Aquatix collection is due to be in all stores by November.
I was very happy when the stocking person went into the back to retrieve the collection for me to pick from! I picked up one of each item.
But today I am reviewing the wraps.
I felt it necessary to film this. And I am glad I did. You get to see the change in the texture first hand. Right before your eyes.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bewitching Hour Collection. Swatches

This collection is a collaboration between Fairytale Polish and Sincerely Polish, The inspiration for these 4 polishes came from the movie Hocus Pocus. The names are super appropriate.
All swatches are 2 coats.
Description from shop.
'Evil Seductress' is a squishy reddish purple jelly polish filled with a gorgeous and sparkly blend of bright pink and purple holographic glitters with a sprinkle of silver holographic dust. For best results, apply 3-4 thin coats and seal in with a shiny top coat in order to achieve the squishy look. This polish is inspire by Sarah Sanderson.
'Put a Spell on You' a black glow in the dark jelly polish packed with a hypnotizing blend of iridescent glitters, silver holographic moons, and gold shimmer. Polish is glitter heavy so some settling may occur. Just give your bottle a good shake and turn upside down for a few minutes. Apply 2-3 generous coats and finish with a shiny top coat.
'Wicked Enchantress' is a gorgeous green polish with violet/gold flakies, green/gold flakies, and purple holo stars. This polish was inspired by Winifred Sanderson. Apply 2-3 evenly coats.
'I Smell Children'
is a beautifully bright Reddish-Orange glow polish with rose/gold flakies, black skulls, and a sweet smell of candy corn. This polish was inspired by Mary Sanderson. The skulls in this polish like to sink to the bottom. I will be sending everyone an extra baggie of skulls for glitter placement. Apply 2-3 evenly coats.
Now I chose not to add the skulls (which are incredibly cute!) because of the nail art I did on top.
Being from Seattle area I did these Monster Seahawks
You can see how well the polish glows. And the smell is lovely.
I am a big fan of this Halloween collection. I'm so glad I purchased all 4!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ellisons Organics Nail Laquer Fall Swatches

What can I say? These were love at first swatch. And I cant wait to talk about the polish. But first a little more about Ellison's shop.
Ellisons Organics is a lovely shop. Not only does she sell 3 free nail lacquer but many other organic items as well. I actually purchased some adorable Lego soaps for my son. A little early Christmas shopping.
You can also find many other lovely things from Bath Salt to Insect Repellent. So go check her shop out.
Now onto the 3 free nail lacquers.
I love the brush! I cant say it enough. The thicker the brush, the better. This one does not disappoint.
I feel in control of the application of polish.
Each swatch is two easy coats. No top coat.
I will say that Music of the night is my favorite. So, lets start with that swatch.

Music Of The Night

On The Town

Raindrops On Roses


Brown Copper Kettles

What do you think of these?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Louityourself Nail Vinyls Swatch/Review

This is a little different review for me. But I know so many of you really love nail vinyl's and decals. And although I use them sporadically, its certainly isn't the first nail art I reach for.
Well, I can say with confidences that Louityourself has me really excited to use more!
There are so many to choose from in her shop! And I can see myself incorporating hand painted manicures and nail vinyl's in one. I am anxious to play more!
I definitely encourage you to take a look at her shop. Everything from chevron to pacman.
The quality is very good. Some are very detailed, thus making them very delicate. But I found that if I just worked very slowly to separate them it was fine. Be sure to have a set of tweezers on hand to help.
For now though, here is a couple manis using some of her Halloween vinyls.
Base is Wicked by Kickass Beauty a glolo. Look how amazing the vinyls look with glow in the dark polish!
Base is Serum N 5 in Flashing Lights
With Flash! Those skull eyes are hypnotic.
Have you tried any of these vinyls? What do you think?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kickass Beauty The Witches Trio Swatch

Oh boy!
Here come some Glolos at ya!
Kickass Beauty has released a trio collection just in time for Halloween!
If you cant tell by my abundance of exclamations, I am loving these beauties.
Please excuse the pictures showing the nails glow in the dark. Its quite difficult for the lens to focus in the dark. But you get the idea. And trust me when I say they glow!.
Also with every purchase of her glolos, you receive a mini flash light to charge the polish. Very cool!
Unfortunate Souls
Direct Light
Direct Sun Light
Direct Sunlight

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Watercolor Autumn Leaves Mani

Who doesn't love the changing leave of the Fall months. Its certainty helps me with the transition from summer to fall. You cant help but marvel at the beauty of it all. So many brilliant colors.
This is my attempt at recreating that beauty onto my nails.