Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Louityourself Nail Vinyls Swatch/Review

This is a little different review for me. But I know so many of you really love nail vinyl's and decals. And although I use them sporadically, its certainly isn't the first nail art I reach for.
Well, I can say with confidences that Louityourself has me really excited to use more!
There are so many to choose from in her shop! And I can see myself incorporating hand painted manicures and nail vinyl's in one. I am anxious to play more!
I definitely encourage you to take a look at her shop. Everything from chevron to pacman.
The quality is very good. Some are very detailed, thus making them very delicate. But I found that if I just worked very slowly to separate them it was fine. Be sure to have a set of tweezers on hand to help.
For now though, here is a couple manis using some of her Halloween vinyls.
Base is Wicked by Kickass Beauty a glolo. Look how amazing the vinyls look with glow in the dark polish!
Base is Serum N 5 in Flashing Lights
With Flash! Those skull eyes are hypnotic.
Have you tried any of these vinyls? What do you think?

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