Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cheeky Stamping plates.

  • I'm so happy to be sharing this purchase with you. I ordered these plates about a month ago. And every time I use them I get even more excited! I have a set of stamping plated from Bundle monster that I ordered from amazon last year. These were such a disappointment. So I was a little nervous to pay money for another stamping product.
  • I was doing some shopping again on amazon and because they show you products that are in the same category as your previous purchases, they popped up. They looked so pretty! And I am a huge paisley pattern fan! I so wanted these to be a good stamp.
  • So onto the reviews and videos I went. They all looked good! So, I got em!
  • I paid $45.00 for 6 plates.
  • There are 342 stamps. ( some are doubled for the opposite hand!) Great idea!
  • I have plates A<B<C<D<E<and I
  • Pros: The image is cut with such precision. The laser they use to cut these must be a very nice one.
  • Every image I have tried so far has transferred the entire image.
  • The base of the plates is made to prevent the plate from moving while stamping.
  • Some of these stamps even work great on toes!
  • It seems I can use any nail polish I wish on these.
  • I never had to purchase a new stamper. I use the one that came in the Bundle monster package.
  • Each full nail image in about 1 1/2 inches wide. Konads is an inch.
  • You are able to do a French tip with any full nail image because they put the arch in each one!
  • Cons: Very long nails will not be able to have the full image plates fit.
  • On some images there is so much detail on the nail after stamping with it that the details get lost. But you can see them still up close.
  • You cannot use quick drying nail polish with these.
  • Overall I am very pleased with this purchase. If your just starting stamping this would be best to start on. The lessfrustration the better.
Here are some manicures using these plates.
    The Cheeky Plates:

    Plate A

    Plate A up close

          Plate B

          Plate C

           Plate D

             Plate E

             Plate I

And the back of the plates.

Have fun Stamping!!! Like my facebook page for more nail art!


  1. WOW! Those plates are so beautiful, and very detailed, I can see how the design on some of them might get lost. I'm interested in getting some plates, my mini Essence one only has a few designs, and I think I'm ready to branch out and try some different stamping brands :)
    Great review, great photos! LOVING your bloggy!

    1. Thanks Krystal! They are even more beautiful in person. Im bring them to Cali..wink wink

    2. YES!!! :D We need to have at least one girls night, or girls day, OR girls day and night! :)