Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here we go! My first blog post. Not everything is edited yet. Still playing with all the options. But for now I'm going to post my first nail tutorial.
This video I did About 2 months back. A Rat Rod inspired nail using marbling.
The products I used are as follows.

Base coat---Sally Hansen Double duty
First coat---- Magic Nail ( I purchased on Amazon) English breakfast 133
Marbling colors---- Magic Nail in Neon Fuchsia 113, Femme Couture in french sheer, And China glaze Liquid Leather 70576. And the English breakfast 133.
Top coat----Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
And Finally-- butter in Matte finish

For marbling you will need: A glass or shot glass( I have never been able to use a plastic cup for marbling)
Water ( I live in the Northwest and have been able to just use my tap water. But I know a lot of people need to use bottled)
An old towel or paper towels for easy clean up.
Tooth picks,
Q-tips to clean with polish remover around edges of nail.And then some sort of a tool to form the design in the polish. I used a dotting tool. Its easy to wipe off.


I hope you enjoyed this! See ya soon!


  1. I love your blog hun, its very well put together and what you presented me with is awesome! I have never heard of nail stamping so now I have a reason to TRY and grow my nails out lol

    1. Thanks love! I updated the stamping post. Still ironing out the details of the options of this blog. Xoxoxo

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