Sunday, March 3, 2013

Easter Egg Nail Art

This manicure looks harder then it is. Yes,it is time consuming. But,not hard.

For this manicure I used colors from the Sugar Rush collection by Color Club. Some beautiful pastels at affordable prices.
Start by prepping your tape. I used nail tape,but painters tape or scotch tape work great too.
Make sure your base colors are completely dry before taping off.
Then grab a pallet,fine art brush and a tooth pick or dotting tool.
Place a small amount of polish on your pallet and begin placing color where you wish.

The wonderful thing about this design is that anything goes! Mix and match however you wish!

Once your happy with the color placement,remove the tape. Then add all the small details with your art brush and dotting tool. I found different ideas from pictures of decorated eggs online.Dots,flowers,squiggle lines and stripes.
Yes, I redid my pinkie finger. I did not like so much white.


  1. Really cute, Kristin! Good tutorial. I might even be able to do this one!

  2. wow you did an awesome job. Your nails really look Easter-ish. I need to buy some of those tapes.

  3. Hi Kristen! I was a Nail Tech a few years back but I just can't give up doing nail art any chance I get! I watch for the latest designs and techniques and wish I was still in the business! It was my creative outlet and I truly miss it. I look forward to following your site and seeing your wonderful designs. Stay happy! ;-)