Thursday, August 1, 2013

Doctor Lacquer Go Tropical Set

This is Doctor Lacquers Go Tropical UV polishes.
Doctor Lacquer

Product Description 
These UV polishes are inspired by must-try tropical fruits, which are represented by both their indoor & outdoor colors.
Dragonfruit is a color-changing polish which is creamy gray indoors and turns creamy purple outdoors! It has an amazing array of black, white, and gray glitters (including dots!) which can remind you of dragonfruit seeds!
Pomelo is a color-changing polish which is a white crelly base indoors and turns to a pink crelly outdoors! It has numerous orange, yellow, pink, and white hex, square, and dot glitters!
Soursop is a color-changing polish which is a pistachio green crelly indoors and turns to a dusty eggplant purple crelly outdoors! Green and blue dots, bars and hexes found in soursop!

DISCLAIMER: Dries to a waxy finish. Intensity of color change depends on the intensity of sunlight (UV).

Dragon Fruit
The left is out of the sun. The right is in direct sunlight.



I really love these polishes. To be honest I didn't purchase them. My mom had them sitting on her desk and I took the liberty of swatching them right then and there. They caught my eye right away! I was not disappointed at all. Each swatch is 2 coats. Very easy to apply. Dries almost mad. You will need a top coat for sure to help the drying process. But so worth it! They have so much depth.
And the set is on sale right now!
Just beautiful really.

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