Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Nail Decals....with a twist

For this pictorial I wanted to show you how to fit a larger temporary tattoo on all your nails. It makes each nail different and still continues with the design. Like a tiny mural. 

Products used:
Temporary tattoo. I am using some from Essence Floral Grunge Collection
A lint free cotton round or a small piece of paper towel
My base color is by Morgan Taylor in No Way Rose
Topped off with Seche Vite

Make sure your base coat is completely dry before starting the transfer process.
Cut out your desired tattoo.Make sure you have a straight cut on one side of the cut out. This will be your guide when figuring out measurement for each nail. Do NOT remove plastic film yet.
Bend the tattoo paper slightly to help form around the nail to get a better measurement. 
Start with one end of the tattoo and one finger at a time as shown in the pictures.
Make a small cut in the paper to indicate the width of the nail. Then remove it from your nail and finish the straight cut.
Now move on to the next nail with the same technique until you have all your pieces ready.

At this point remove all the plastic film and set aside out of the way.
Add some water to your cotton round and set aside.
Be sure you have the correct piece of the tattoo for your first finger. Bend the  tattoo paper again to form around the nail with the tattoo facing down. While holding it in place put the damp cotton round on it for 5 to 10 seconds.

With your tweezers,carefully pull away the paper to reveal the transfer. Continue this process for the rest of the nails.

With acetone and a brush or q-tip clean up around the edges.

Seal with a clear coat and your done!