Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Caviar Manicures (Micro Beads)

These are two designs I did this month. I love the way they turned out!
Now, if you decide to do these designs, keep in mind that they are time consuming.

Lets start with this one. Snow flake caviar. The base color is from Orly called Sweet Peacock. I then went in with white acrylic paint and added a snow flake on the ring finger. To see the step by step howto for the snow flake click here.
Add a top coat to seal in the snowflake and color. I then took silver micro beads and one by one,with a dotting tool and a very little bit of clear coat on the tool, placed the beads on the snowflake as seen in the picture. If the clear coat starts to dry making it difficult for the beads to stick, add a little more clear to the snowflake with a tooth pick or dotting tool. And don't forget random beads on the other nails to look like falling snow.
Because I used silver beads for this design,I was able to add a fast drying top coat to seal this design in. But, depending on the micro beads, some colors tend to bleed when doing so.
Now, onto the Peppermint Caviar Manicure
The base for these are Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in White. Then A coat of Frosty from China Glaze.
I also used acrylic paint and fine art brush to create the red swirl. Very simple,just a red color. I added a top coat to all the nails to seal in the swirl.
Now, this one is more time consuming then the snowflake. I took my dotting tool and one stripe at a time, added non fast drying clear coat, then added the beads in that area. White beads in the white swirl and red beads in the red swirl. Pushing lightly down when finished to ensure they are secure.
DO NOT add a top coat to the beads if they bleed. I happened to have beads that do bleed.
Hope you try these out! Completely worth the time and effort. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below. Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow this is so cool and I love your mani! I bought some of those beads but still haven't used them yet. This is inspiring!

    1. Thanks Pang! Let me know when you do! Xoxo