Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simple Snowflake Manicure

Snowflakes can sometimes seem intimidating.But ,the truth is they are very simple, there is just many steps. So if you have the patience, you can do this!
I looked up some pictures of different snowflakes and just went off of those pictures.
I also used acrylic paint and a fine art brush. You can do this with polish, but I find that you can get thinner more Precise lines with acrylic or even a stripe write polish.
Before I started my snowflake I did a sponged base for more depth. Feel free to skip this step and just put a base color of what you like.

I added some frosty polish onto the snowflake. And a couple dots.
 Then add a nice thick top coat to seel in the snowflake.


  1. Your snowflakes look fantastic, and I love how you sponged the background. I have been wanting to try snowflake, but am always so intimidated by them.

    1. Thank you!!The howto for this one is easier if you use a stripewrite or acrylic and fine art brush.

  2. Gorgeous nails! Those snow flakes are so cute! You made this look really easy. I'd probably mess up my right hand nails for sure.

    1. Which is why I would rather give a manicure to someone else *wink*
      Thanks Pang!