Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mistletoe Manicure (Pucker Up!)

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe? Well, with this design you can kiss anyone you wish!
For these I used acrylic paint,and a fine art brush. Both can be purchased at any craft store for a very good price. No need to get expensive paint.
If you don't have the right color you would like, just do some mixing on your pallet.
The base is a basic red with a little glitter on the thumb and ring finger. If your fingers don't line up like mine do, feel free to pick another finger your thumb lines up with or just do the whole design on your ring finger.
With your basic green, create the mistletoe. The lighter the stroke the better.
Next go back into your pallet and create a dark green for some shadowing and depth. Outline the mistletoe with the dark green.
Then with a dotting tool and white polish or acrylic paint, create the cluster of flowers.
Then with gold polish make a thick line where the twine would be around the mistletoe stems.
Go back into the black paint and outline the gold to resemble twine like the picture.
I added micro beads to the flowers,but this is not necessary.
On the remaining fingers I used white base and some glitter as well. Then, stamped then with kiss designs.
Seal in your design with a nice thick top coat. My goto top coat for nail art is SecheVite.
Now go kiss someone!

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