Sunday, January 20, 2013

Candied Lustre Swatches and Nail Art (Indie Polish)

Yesturday I recieved these beauties in the mail. I was so excited to create some nail art with them.
I was already headed over to my moms to give her a new mani and decided to bring them along just in case she was a willing puppet.
She took one look at them and was more then happy to use them.
These are from Candied Lustre and you can find her shop on Etsy by clicking HERE. She has many different top coats and polishes to choose from. Free shipping in the month of January promo code SHIPITOME

Starting with my moms Manicure.
She wanted to have a Valentines mani. She also wanted small hearts trailing up the side of the nail. So,we went with leopard print with hearts incorporated in the leopard print. And then one large heart on the ring finger.
All but the ring fingers have 2 coats of Strawberry Milkshake then the print,
The ring fingers have 1 coat of Strawberry Milkshake and 2 coats of Jawbreaker the outlined heart.

My manicure started with 2 coats of Liquid Vinyl from Orly on all but the ring finger.
2 coats of Strawberry Milkshake 

Then I did a gradient effect with Jawbreaker over the black. 
This on its own is quite beautiful.
 I stamped the ring finger with one of my cheeky plates.

I then took my dotting tool and placed Jawbreaker glitter randomly on the stamped nail.

Added SechVite for my top coat.

Top Picture is natural light.

Another natural light.


  1. Loved the polishes. And the mani turned out great. Can't wait to show it off!