Friday, January 4, 2013

Marbled Marbles Manicure (say that 5 times fast!)

A young lady I follow on Instagram (cherry_does_nails) posted a super cute manicure a couple days ago. The manicure,I believe was called "cartoon" nails. I loved the way they looked!

Right away I thought of the marbled marbles manicure.
Now, this pictorial starts off with already marbled nails. If your interested in learning how to marble,I do have a youtube video that explains in detail how to marble your nails. Keep in mind the video is long because I cover every aspect of nail art marbling. Click here for that video. 
Lets get started.

For the outlined black I used my stripwrite. You could also use a fine art brush and black polish or acrylic paint to achieve this same outcome.

When starting your lines, take it very slow.Try to move your finger rather then your brush. Work your way from out to in and create a half circle first. Then another half circle on the other side of the nail. Rest your hand on the table to get stability for your lines.

Once your happy with the shape, fill in the rest with the same black.

Next with a dotting tool or tooth pick, dip in to white polish and create the light reflection. Curve the line in a half moon shape to follow the curve of the circle shape.Add another dot below that.

This design really comes to life when you add the glossy top coat. Wait a good five minutes before doing so.
We all (my family) have one of these personal marbles. We are big fans of the game. My son Julian wanted to play right away. He kept asking if my nails were dry. He knows me so well.

Thanks for stopping!


  1. What an awesome idea! This so cute. Very cartoon-y:)