Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nail Art Stamping-- Lets Break it Down!

These videos and information are based on what I have learned thru stamping on my own and from fellow youtubers,bloggers and instagramers.
We all have our own way of learning and steps to show this. I am positive that there is still lots of information  and techniques that I have yet to discover.
My hope is that you can watch these, as a fellow stamping enthusiast,and gain some knowledge to help you in your stamping adventures.
Much love and positivity to you all!

Part 1 :
I talk about my area where I do my nail art.I go thru items needed for nail stamping and talk about polish I use for stamping.

Part 2 :
My Stamping plates and reviews on which I prefer.

Part 3:
I show you different techniques and tips and trick for stamping.

Please feel free to comment below for any questions you may have.

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