Friday, June 28, 2013

Arrrrrgh!! Day 13 of my 30 Day Stamping challenge

These were so much fun to create! In the Seattle area we have whats called Sea-Fair. There are lots of events. We also have Sea-Fair Pirates that come ashore in West Seattle and are also in the parade. I remember,as a child,being so scared of them. They take there role very seriously. I was scared and excited all at once!
I thought I would pay homage to this awesome event.
If your curious how I did this manicure scroll down to watch my video pictorial.

Products used:
Base white from Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
Sponge with Sinful Colors in Snow Me White and Savage
Stamps used
Cheeky Plate CH49 and Mash-32
Acrylic paint and fine art brush.


Sea-Fair Pirates!


  1. I lived in Seattle for 6 years and those Sea-Fair pirates take it SUPER seriously! Those nails are perfect!

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Yes they do. They are awesome!

  2. Loved this. The nails are perfect! The music is perfect! The tutorial is so well done!