Monday, June 24, 2013

I Heart Earth. Day 9 of my 30 Day Stamping Challenge.

I realize Earth day was in April,but I love this recycling stamp and had to use it!
I wont lie,the earth took a long time to create. Lots of depth and layering colors. 
But I am so in love with outcome I cant stand it!

Products used:
Various acrylic paints for the heart earth
Fine art brush.
White base,on all nails, from Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
Sponged with Orly in Liquid Vinyl and Shockwave and the White again from Sinful Colors 
The Stars are Orly in Shine On Crazy Diamond
Ring Finger is sponged with Sinful Colors in Exotic Green and Snow Me White again. Then stamped with Cheeky Plate CH33

I had to go back and fill in areas the stamp did not transfer. It does happen with some stamps. Cant be perfect all the time. 


  1. oh wow love the nail art , that heart earth is awesome :) ! Love the design !