Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Re-dupe? Finger Paints Holo Glitter Bomb

Over the last Holiday Season Finger Paints released some beautiful polishes. I was immediately drawn to Santa's Magic. An out of this world Holographic Glitter Bomb. Most of you know that Holographic effects are difficult to capture in a photo.Here are my cousins nails( )I did using this polish back in December.

 I used Santa's Magic many times and stopped because I was scared to run out. They never came out with another like it or restocked Santa's Magic.
Until now!!!
I went to Sally Beauty the other day and found Colorful Collage!
They are so similar.A spot on dupe. I was so excited to get another!
On your nails,it looks like crushed diamonds. It doesn't get anymore bling than this!

Santa's Magic is on the right.

Holo Goodness for sure!


  1. I have them both and they are pretty much the same but if I remember correctly, the glitters in Santa's Magic doesn't seem as dense as in Colorful Collage. I love the nail look. Super pretty!