Monday, September 30, 2013

The Perfect Halloween Nail Polish?

Have you already been thinking about what will be on your nails for Halloween?
I hadn't thought about it yet until Candied Lustre posted about making this limited addition Halloween polish. Its called Spellbound. 
She did something very unique with these. Each one sent out glow a different color in the dark. And the stars glow in the black light. I couldn't wait to try mine out to see what color I got!
I received the one that glows blue. 
I must say that when I first saw her post of these on Instagram I didn't even know that they glow in the dark. Just the color and stars alone I thought were really wonderful. It wasn't until I called my mom to tell her that this was a must get, that I found out. And only because my mom read the description. I was so excited about the color!
So anyway, I received this last week and wore it for 5 days before it started to peel.
I do wish it was more bright in the dark but it wont deter me from telling you that if she ever restocks this polish,you really should purchase it! For real!

I do have on one coat of this polish from Colour Gossip. The name escapes me now. But,I will look for the polish later and post the name.
I wanted it to be more purple.

And then one coat of Spellbound on top. 
Very easy to apply and I didn't have to go fishing for the stars.

Here it is in the dark. I did place my nails under a l.e.d. light before taking the picture.

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  1. oh wow! If this ever does restock I have to say that I am in love with it.