Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Broken Nail Routine Using Silk Wrap. Update!

I have posted pictures of my newer nail fix routine on my Instagram recently but not in more detail. I have received many request to show the steps I take.
I previously posted a broken nail routine using nail bandages. I still stand by my review for that product.
However,I believe this technique is also very good. I clean houses part time and this has worked so well. I do wear gloves when cleaning,but my hands sweat and I am always bumping them on something.
All products used were purchased at my local Sally Beauty Supply.

Before picture.
You can see on the bottom left that my nail has begun to break. I bent it.


You will need
Swiss Silk Wrap
Gel Cure
Light-less Gel
Nail Glue
And a brush on nail glue.
I use two different glues because I don't want the get to be mix with the glue. So I just designated my brush on glue for this process.

Make sure your nail is dry and free of any oils. I just cleaned my nail with pure acetone.

Pick out the correct size for your nail bed. Then cut a small piece off.

Carefully peel off the silk. And place on your nail.
Take your scissors and trim off the access silk.

Place a very small amount of nail glue on the silk wrap. You will see the color change. Gently move the glue around the silk until fully covered. Do Not place the glue on anything other then the silk wrap. Its better to add very little at a time.
Wait at least 5 minutes. 

Place a pea size drop of the gel on the top of your nail. With your brush,the brush on glue, Bush on the gel evenly while avoiding your cuticle and skin area.

Then spray on the Gel Cure about 7 inches from the nail.

Wait another 5 minutes for the gel to set.
Then lightly file and buff your nail.
You wont need to much buffing. 
Rinse your hands and add a top coat.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I hope you use this technique!

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