Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hallmark Valentines Card Inspired Nail Art Collab with BeautybyKrystal

I love to do nail art collaborations with my cousin Krystal. And this time she had such a cool idea for Valentines.
Hallmark Valentines card inspired! Such a cute idea.
Beauty By Krystal

 To see Krystal's Hallmark inspired pictorial click HERE!!!

So, off I went to shop for a card for my guy.  It didn't take long at all. This one stood out right away.

I started with a basic red on my thumb and ring finger then added a red shimmer.
For the rest of the nails I painted them an off white and also added a shimmer white top coat.

I then used some black nail tape across the nail to create a french tip. This can also be done with a stripe write black polish or black polish and art brush.
Then with acrylic paint and fine art brush I started creating the filigree design. Mixing black and white until I got the right grey.
I went back into the white and added more detail.

Go back and trim off the tape.

Create a heart, with red acrylic paint, over the middle of the black stripe.

Then I outlined the heart with a thin black line. And then dotted some more shimmer red polish to the heart.

Seal in this manicure with a thick top coat.

When I had this nail design on, my guy said they were his favorite design I have done yet. I just smiled and said thank you. He hasn't seen his card yet.....

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies! 


  1. Fantastic! Simply beautiful.


    1. Thanks Jaci!
      I always look forward to buying my Valentines Hallmark card every year!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am in love! They look amazing! I wish I had a tiny bit of your skills!

  3. Your nails look awesome! Great idea for inspiration!

  4. Great idea...they look awesome , you girls 'spew' TALENT!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are so talented!I thought for sure you had stamped that design on - your creativity is just inspiring! Beautiful,Beautiful work!

    1. That means so much! Thank you Jasmine =)