Friday, February 1, 2013

Heart Felt Manicure (flocking)

I couldn't stop touching these little cute fuzzy hearts! My son also had to keep holding my hands...tehhee.
I purchased my flocking powder at my local craft store. Its in the glitter or scrapbook section.

With a white striper or polish and fine art brush,follow these directions.

Add a top coat to seal in the steps so far.

One nail at a time, fill in the white area with clear polish and a fine art brush. Quickly place you finger in the white flocking powder.

Wait 5 minute before lightly feathering off the extra flocking.

Take your clear polish and art brush again, one nail at a time, fill in the heart then dip in to the flocking. Again wait 5 minutes before lightly feathering off extra.

Do NOT add a top coat to this design. These last up to 4 days will little hand activity. Should last at least 2 days. They dry after hands are in water.

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