Sunday, February 24, 2013

New "Wet n Wild" Toppings Nail Polish Review and Swatch

I have many things to say about this (limited edition) Wet n Wild collection.So, lets just jump in to it!
I almost past this display by in Walgreens. I only spotted it because my other item needed was right next to it. At first glance I thought the collection was of only 4 different polishes. But after reading the display panel I was shocked that it said there were 6 all together!
It took me a good while to actually sort out which is which. They are so similar. But for purposes of this review I purchased all 6.
These are made to used as a top coat. So keep that in mind when applying. They are lovely on there own as well.
I don't think its necessary to purchase all of them. Pick a couple that are not to close in color. I actually really like these toppers. 

Every color is nice.
The longer wand is easy to use
Decent price
Very easy to apply
Good formula

Most are similar
It would seem they used the same glitter combo in each polish. A rainbow combo.
Once the tag is taken off,so is the polish name!

Now,when I began to swatch these,the first one I swatched was Gimme Some Suga. Look what I found when I opened it! A defective brush. Super short. It seemed to work OK. I think if this was an opaque polish it would definitely not be OK. 

All swatches are 2 coats of polish.

Gimme Some Suga
A golden shimmer.

Frosted Over
I think I would like this more without the large glitter.

Sprinkled With Love
Similar to Frosted Over

Icing Backup
Pink Shimmer

Chip on Your Shoulder

Confections of a Bake-aholic
This is my favorite out of the collection.

Have you purchased these? What do you think?


  1. Hmmm, they do all look very similar. But they would be pretty topcoats over opaque colors if you liked glitter and shimmer!

  2. I love these but I hate taking glitter off my nails :( I agree, they all do look similar.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. What's funny is I got a sinful colors polish today with no brush?!?

  4. They look so cute! I want them, but not the obnoxious wands :(