Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pop Beauty Nail Glam kit from Costco Swatches

My girl friend was at Costco last week. Like the awesome friend she is, she sent me a picture of these with the price of $10.00! I said "yes please"!
These usually run around $10.00 each full size. These are not full size BUT are not minis either.
They are .4fl oz

These are limited edition 5 piece nail polish kits. Both kits have no name to the kit. Just different colored packaging and nail colors.

When applying these polishes I favored the blue kit. I only needed 2 coats of polish.. 
Unlike the blue kit,the pink kit polishes needed 3 sometimes 4 coats.With the exception of Golden Shimmer 

First swatches are from the pink kit.

Italian Ice

Pink Wink

Molten Kisses

Mulberry Magic

Golden Shimmer

The blue polish kit.


After Hours
(my favorite)

Purple Haze


Chain Mail


  1. OH MY GOD! I NEED these in my life! I always want to try Pop but it's so dam pricey! Ok, we never go to Costco, but I will have to talk Michael into making a special trip for these! :) GREAT swatches and your nails are looking mighty lovely!

    1. Krystal, you would love all these! The blue is so beautiful! I usually don't get so excited about dark blues,but this?! Yes please!
      Thanks girl! I have been babying them. Thanks for noticing! I also just picked a new shape for these swatches. They are growing on me.