Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Cuticula" Cuticle Oil

The day is finally here! Cuticula is now available thru our Etsy Shop.

A couple month ago, while visiting my cousin, (Carrie Vallone) we decided to go for an afternoon walk. The conversation led to us talking about what we were striving to do in our lives.
She wanted more people to know the healing benefits of the oils she was selling. I would listen to all sorts of remedies she would tell me. I have been using it myself for many house hold and medicinal needs.
I began talking about my nail art and how I wished I could reach more people. And then I talked about how I wanted my nails longer and thicker. She then said of course "You know there are many different essential oils that promote cuticle healing and nail growth right?" "Light Bulb!!!"
That very night we talked non stop about creating a cuticle oil that not only healed your cuticles but also could be used for many different things.
Cuticula was born. Which means cuticle in Italian.

Here are our products and a brief description of Cuticula.

Cuticula  /cu·tic·u·la/ Oil blends are formulated for easy cuticle application but can also be used in the bath, mani and pedi water, massage, as a perfume, etc. Each bottle contains Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil in the blend to provide potent anti- fungal properties. Only the purest essential oils are used in our blends. Additional oils are available and can be custom blended to meet your needs.

Tender Lavender Care
A soothing, yet power-packed, blend of pure Lavender and mighty Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oils that promotes a healthy protective skin layer - Cuticula! Naturally antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and much more.
Alternate uses - great for bites, stings, scrapes, burns, or any other skin condition that could use some T.L.C.

Sugared Orange Appeal
An uplifting blend of pure Essential Oils combined to promote healing and joy. A variety of invigorating Citrus and refreshing Bergamot oils with a hint of Vanilla will brighten your day! Dab a bit on as a perfume as a wonderful alternative use.

Oh, Snap! 
A snappy little number with Ginger, Lemon and Cinnamon to liven the senses and spice up your life. Careful! You might get a cookie craving after your manicure. 
Alternate uses - dab on your wrist and inhale the aroma to help with congestion or nausea. 


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  1. So happy to see your oils are available! They are amazing.