Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essence Vintage District Polish Review and Swatch

Sadly I am missing one polish from this collection. The stores near me never carried it for some reason. I went to 6 Fred Meyers and not one had the other items in the collection. They never even stocked the entire collection. These are $1.99 each.
Anyway, I am missing "Get Arty".
I do however have Vintage Peach, Antique Pink and Shopping @ Portobello Road. I will continue to look for the last polish. Its going to drive me nuts!
On to the review and swatches.

Vintage Peach
This swatch took 3 coats. I am fan of one or two coat polishes. But, this color is beautiful. The brush had a couple longer bristles which had to be trimmed.

The glitter was very easy to work with. These are holographic diamonds.

Shopping @ Portobello Road
This is my favorite and was the easiest to apply. Two coats.
Such a beautiful blue.
BUT! When I removed it to swatch another color,it stained my nails so bad. It couldn't have been on longer then 7 minutes. My nails are still stained.

Antique Pink
In person this is much more pink. Also two coats. 


  1. I think in North America they only released those 3 colours, unfortunately. I was hoping to get the 4th colour as well as it's my favourite of this collection, but no such luck for us. :(
    I have yet to play with any of these, not even the nail art stuff. Just too many untrieds, *sigh*.

    1. ohhh. Well, thats good to know. I may have to ask my Aussie nail swap friend to look in to it. Thanks Chantal!

  2. Such pretty shades :) I haven't been able to try them on yet. I hate staining blues :( soak and buff

    1. That is a good idea. I barely has time to swatch and edit to post. I will do that tonight. Thanks!

  3. Love the colors! I have started using Polident to soak off stains. Really works well! I have a whole box of it, so I will bring you some to try.