Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Nail Art 2012. Fall Paisly Manicure

Fall is approaching quickly. So, what better way to say" hello" to fall then with a paisley manicure? I don't know about everyones summer. But ours, here in the Northwest, was about 2 weeks long. So, I am looking forward to the change.
Base color is Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Malt
I then stamped with O.P.I. Chopsticking to my Story, ChinaGlaze Dress Me Up, and Essie Little Brown Dress.
I have 2 different finishes here. One is just a nice thick clear coat of Seche Vite and the other is a Matte finish from butter London. I included pictures of both.

                                                Matte                                            Glossy

2 coats of the S.H. Malt. I have found when using S.H. complete manicure, I don't need a clear base coat of any kind. This line holds up very nicely.
From Cheeky Plate I. Any of the smaller paisley are great. This works beautifully with any small stamp as well. Start with the darkest color.
Randomly place on the nails. Place some halfway off the nail also.
Repeat with the other colors. Its ok if they overlap.
Next take a qtip and polish remover and clean the edges.
And finally finish with your choice of top coat.
Here's to Fall!

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