Thursday, August 2, 2012

Temporary Tattoos on Nails

Don't have a nail stamp or the patience to to put detailed images on your nails? Then this is for you! Temporary tattoos are easy to find and they come in so many different designs. The quality of the tattoos wont matter for these. Just pick what you like, and make sure it can fit on your nail or can be cut to size.
I had my close friends in mind today when I picked my tattoos.They love riding there Harley. I have a feeling these will be on her fingers soon. Plus the color combos are endless.

First start with your base colors. Keep in mind if your using black paint to stick with lighter colored tattoos.
Here I used Orly in Liquid Vinyl and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. Wait for polish to dry completely.

The temporary tattooing is very basic. Just like applying to your skin. Before you begin make sure your ready and have everything you need. Pre cut your tattoos and place them in a spot where they wont blow away or get lost. Then grab a sponge with water in it. Here I used a lint free cotton round. It works great. I also had tweezers at the ready. I never used them but you might.
First wet your nail. Then place the tattoo on the wet nail. Be sure to place where you want and try not to move it once there. Next push down onto the tattoo. Once it is stuck nicely,place your nail onto the sponge once more to saturate the tattoo paper. Press with your finger again. Then peel off slowly.
If the nail looks rough where the tattoo is, don't worry. The top coat will fix that right up. Aso, if some tattoo got onto your skin, remove it right away with your nail or tooth pick. I then added some glitter. This is from Ulta.

And finally a nice thick top coat. I used Seche Vite. My favorite at the moment.
 And that's it! Now go find some temporary tattoos!! Woot Woot!

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