Monday, August 20, 2012

Feathered Mani. For Real Yo!

Micheal's sells bags of real feathers for very cheap. I paid $2.99 each as shown in the picture. I'm sure any craft store sells them. Feathers are very trendy right now. Whether its clipped onto the hair or on a pair of earrings. They seemed to be everywhere! So why not on the nails?
The first set is very bright and my tribute to the last bit of summer.
Then I did a feathered nail that could be worn in the Fall months.
I can't decide which design I like more. Which do you prefer?

My Howto Video for this Manicure.

For this I chose to paint my nail neon pink. In order to get the true brightness of a neon, paint your nail white first, Then go over in the neon color. Let the color dry completely.

Next take a clear coat. Do one nail at a time. Place one coat of clear on the nail. While the polish is still wet, place the feather on top of the nail. With a tooth pick or your finger, gently press the feather to the nail. Move on to the next nail and leave the feather to dry. After finishing your last nail, go back to your fist nail and cut the remaining feather around the shape of your nail. If some feather comes off in the process its ok. It will still look great!

After trimming all the feathers add a really good thick top coat. I did 3 coats of the clear. It just looks so much better with that many coats. But put on as many as you like.
Even after a few coats, there still may be some areas that are raised or just not smooth. That's normal. If you're someone who picks at your nails often, this might not be the mani for you. But the outcome is just beautiful!

Onto the Fall design.
I picked a nude for my base color.

So, which do like?
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  1. Oh man...I am loving the fall one. The feathers add such a depth to the mani. And you can tell it is a feather, which I love!

  2. Fall it is! Love your stuff. You're so creative. :)

  3. wow! I am so impressed! I think this design and idea is exactly what I want when you play with my "grown out just for you" nails!

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