Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kiss Stamp Review. Plate KD16

I ordered this plate from Amazon and paid $1.95. Shipping was $3.50. The reviews were not to bad.
Its called Nail Art Stamping Image Plate KD16. I don't know why there is no retailers name. But owell. So, lets start with the quality of the plate. If you have any stamping plates then you know some plates are very thin and sharp edged. That's what this is most like. It looks as though the laser didn't cut the design in some spots. But I didn't want to judge to much with out stamping it.

I started off with some light and dark colors on my nails.

I started with the top lip and worked clock wise.
This one turned out great!

The next one, not so much. The stamp just wouldn't transfer.

Another success.

Meh...You can tell its lips.I just wish there was more definition.


This stamp was just all around bad. And I tried it a few times. You can see on the stamp there is missing lip.

Again some of the stamp didn't transfer. But it looks fine.

This one is my favorite!

And all my nails.

In all I would say its a 50/50 with this plate. I will use it again and again. But there is only 4 lips that look decent. So for $1.95 I cant complain to much. What do you think?

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