Sunday, August 19, 2012

Opposite Ombre

For this tutorial I used Loreal in Greycian Goddess and Magical Nail in Pacific Ocean.
You could use regular scotch tape or paters tape to get this same effect. Just cut strips.
I used nail art tape I purchased from Amazon.

Stat off with a base color. I used Loreal Greycian Goddess

I taped off my nails for easy clean up. But you could skip this step.

Next grab a makeup sponge and decide which color is going on top.Place one stroke of each color on the sponge like in the picture.
 Don't blot to much, This color will start to lift. Take the tape off or do a quick clean up with acetone and qtip.

Next tape off the lines or designs you wish to have on your nails.

Then sponge with the same technique but place colors opposite of each other.
Remove the tape. And place a nice thick coat of clear.

Now, I do wish I had put the first sponge coat darker. But I do like this. And playing with different colors with this technique would be so much fun!