Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy Dotting Design Manicure

For this easy tutorial I used:
A dotting tool
butter London Queen Vic and Scoundrel
I topped it off with Matte finish also from butter London

You could do this mani with any color combo you wish. The outcome will look great!

                                                 Start off with two coats of your base color.

Next create a half circle across your nails with your second color. This can be done either with the stroke of the nail polish brush or by taping off the nail. If you decide to use tape, be sure the polish is completely dry.
Next place the dots along the line as you see in the picture below using the base color.
Then with your second color,place dots on the other side of the line in between the other dots.
Go back and place smaller dots,of the opposite color,on the first dots.
You could put a nice clear coat on these if you wish. I went ahead and made them a Matte finish.
I hope you try this out!

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  1. Just had this mani done in greens. Beautiful. Really a good job. Love it!