Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Flower. 2012 Fall Nail Art

This tutorial is medium to hard. It honestly depends on how much time you have. But the cool thing is you could do this design on just the ring finger and paint all other nails a color to compliment the flower. This design can be done with acrylic paint as well. Just use the base color first and top coat last.

You will need a fine art brush
A type of sponge( I used an eye shadow applicator)
A dotting tool or tooth pick
A place or item to put your drops of color on. ( I used a palette but a paper plate works too)
A Q-tip
Polish remover

Colors I used
Light yellow (I used Sally Hansen in Yellow Kitty)
A basic orange (I used Magical Nail in Booogie Nights)
Bright Yellow ( Again I used Magical Nail in Neon Yellow)
Dark Red ( Also M.N. in Blood Diamond )
Dark Brown ( I used Essie Little Brown Dress )
And last Copper ( I used Finger Paints in Figure of Art )

Start by painting your nails in the light yellow with two coats.

Next drop some bright yellow and orange onto your palette. Lightly dab the sponge in both. Then start sponging your nails.
Next take the dark red and VERY lightly sponge the nails.
Place some dark brown onto the palette.
Then with your dotting tool or tooth pick make large dots in random spots on your nails. Just like in the picture below. The dot do not need to be perfectly round.
Next with the same dark brown, take your fine brush and start from the dot to make the pedals. Work your way out. This also does not need to be perfect. You can see its completely organic.
Then take your copper color and dotting tool and add many dots to the middle of the flower. Create some texture at the same time by pushing the dotting tool into the polish on the nail.
Almost done! Grab your fine brush and with the bright yellow, highlight some pedal, but not all. You can do this by tracing over were you used the brown to create the pedals.
And last, clean your edges really well with a Q-tip and polish remover. Add a thick top coat and your done!

In natural light.
I hope you try this out! If you do, let me know how you like it!

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