Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unrelated Nail Post/ Fun Crafting with Old Cayons!!!

Yes, I do realise this is completely unrelated to nails. But I was so very proud of myself today I just had to share!
Julian (my son) has new crayons that are in a twist up type of thing. Which makes them unbreakable. So, we had some old crayons laying around that he had no interest in anymore. I had seen somewhere that you can melt them down and remake them into other shapes. I happened to have awesome mini muffin tins that are many different shapes. Here is the web site I used for my instructions.

Now I am just going to post pictures of the steps I took. The link is pretty detailed and easy to follow.
My dad came into the house and almost ate one of these. He thought it was chocolate!
I loved making these!




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