Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Retro Nails.Fall Nail Art 2012

A simple fall manicure anyone can do! I love this color combo. Perfect for this time of year. Enjoy!

For this mani I used:
A light blue (Orly in Snowcone)
Brown (Fingerpaints in Hue Are You)
Orange (O.P.I. in Chopsticking to My Story)
Off white (Orly in Decades of Dysfunction)
And a Nude (Sally Hansen in Malt)
Note: You don't need to use an off white. you can skip that color if needed.
A large Dotting tool or the end of a pen or eraser.
And a nice fast dry top coat.

Start by painting each nail with each color as in the picture below.
Next paint a half circle at the tip of your nail with different colors. This doesn't need to be a perfect circle. In fact when you start placing the other dots on, it will look better uneven.
Then with a large dotting tool or the end of a pen. (You can even use the end of an eraser) Dip it into another color and place the dot of color off set in the half circle. Repeat that with another color inside that circle.

Next add a top coat and that's it!
Of course I had to see what it looked like in Matte.
Some contrasting pictures.