Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Days of Halloween Designs! Day 1 (easy)

Day 1 of 10 days of Halloween nail art. Some will be easy, some moderate. I also will have some designs from my stamping plates. I realise some of you don't have stamping plates, but there will be a variety of designs for you to try or just enjoy. Happy Halloween!!!

Today is a simple doting design. Its the color combo that really makes this a cute Halloween mani.

You will need these basic Halloween colors. Orange,green,purple and black. For the base I used an off white. You can use white. I wanted the colors to stand out rather then the white. Then either use your dotter or a tooth pick to create the dots.
Place a small amount of each polish color on a plate or pallet.
Start by placing a row of dots in the middle of the nail of each color. This will help to keep the dots uniform. Then place the next row of dot between the other dots. Your dots can be any size you wish. Just keep them uniform.
You can continue this on every nail or just leave one like I did here.
Then for fun I added some stamping.