Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 4 Caviar Halloween Manicure (monderate)

For this manicure you will need micro beads. They are sold at any craft store, and come in a large range of colors. You will also need a top coat that is NOT fast drying.And your normal top coat.
Grab any orange polish and paint one coat onto your ring finger. Or all if you like.A pumpkin on all fingers would be super cute!
Next with a black stripe polish or black polish and a fine art brush, paint a jacko-lantern face on to the nails.
Get your micro beads ready. You can either sprinkle them on the nail or dip them in the beads.
This process can get a bit messy from the access beads. So, be sure your doing it on a plate or something that will catch the access beads.
Next give your nail one coat of clear top coat. After it has dried completely, take your fine art brush and your top coat that does not dry fast. Paint on the clear just where your black is placed.(ONE NAIL AT A TIME) While the clear coat is still wet, sprinkle or dip your nail with the beads.
Wait for 2 minutes then take a tooth pick or small ended tool and start pushing the beads ,lightly, into place.Some extras will fall off. After the beads are all in place, tap them gently down with your finger.
Repeat this process in the Orange area and with the orange beads.
For the black and purple nail. I painted the base purple then took my black polish stripe and made vine like designs. Then used the same process for the vines as I did for the jacko-lantern. I decides to leave the purple for more contrast.
Do NOT add a top coat to these! The beads will bleed. These hold up steady for 2 days depending on how much you use your hands.
Happy Halloween!!!

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