Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooky Webbing Mani. Saran Wrap Day 2 of 10 (easy)

Day 2 is a simple way to create texture. Its made by using saran wrap. This color combo is made to look like the neon spider webs used for Halloween decor. Then I added a bat. If you don't want to try the bat, that's ok. The effect is awesome on its own.
Start with a medium grey base. I only needed one coat. And let dry completely.
Then cut pieces of saran wrap and set aside.
When doing this design, you will be doing one nail at a time. Paint the nail with one coat of neon green. Then take one piece of saran wrap and ball it up.
While the green is still wet, place the saran wrap on the nail. The more pressure you use, the more the green will come off. So base it on how much of the green you want visible. Remove within 5 seconds to prevent the grey from also removing.
 You might need to clean up the edges with a q-tip and polish remover.Add a top coat to seal the design.


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