Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 3 Halloween Peacock (moderate)

This design is basic, yet moderately difficult. Practice on something first. Just to get the hang of the feathered effect. The lighter the brush stroke, the better.


Start off with a purple base color.
Next either use a stripe polish or a fine art brush and black polish. Paint on the middle of the feather where you wish to put it. Then a circle to indicate where the details of the peacock feather will be.
Next start on the feathers. Start at the bottom and work up and around the circle.
Then take a dotting tool, or a tooth pick, and with orange start to create an egg shape in the circle with the tip of the egg towards the top.
Then with the same tool create a circle inside the orange with Green
Then with grey, create a half circle inside the green.
 Now you can stop here and add a nice thick top coat. Or you can add some glitter, which is what I decided to do.
I randomly placed dots of glitter on my other nails. Then glitter throughout the feather.
Happy Halloween!!!