Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Silly Monster Manicure Howto (Easy)

The eyes,fan brush and glitter were all purchase at my local craft store for a very good price. The teeth can be put on with polish or gems.
Add a thick coat of clear polish.
While the polish is still wet, place your nail into the glitter.
Dab some clear polish onto a surface. And with a tooth pick or dotting tool, pick up some of the clear polish and place it onto the nail where you want the eyes to go.

Push the eyes on with some force. Not to much though. The eyes may slip.
Next do the same processs with the teeth.
And finally, draw on the mouth if you wish your monster to have one.
Do not add a top coat to these!
These monsters are so much fun!



  1. yay!!!! im gonna try these tomorrow!!! I actually have some yellow glitter that I think will work perfectly. how long did it take you to dry them?

    1. I think because I used Sech Vite it dried fast. So it just depends on your clear coat. Atleast wait 10 minutes I think before doing lots with your hands. So glad you enjoyed these!

  2. I always have the hardest time waiting for my nails to dry. lol especially since I ram out of seche. im usimg sally hanson right now