Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 5 Halloween Flocking Nails (moderate)

The design requires flocking that can be purchased at any craft store or scrap booking store. Flocked manicure is a new trend in nail art and easy to do. I think these look like little stuffed jacko-lanterns on your nails! Super cute!

Start with a base color similar to the flocking color.
Create a jacko-lantern face on your nails. Then put a nice clear top coat on your jacko-lantern.
For the flocking you will need a fine art brush, feathered brush(or a brush to remove excess flocking),Flocking and a clear top coat that is NOT fast drying.
One nail at a time.Start by brushing on the clear coat to just the black with the fine art brush. While still wet sprinkle on the flocking. Move on to the next nail and repeat the process.


Lightly brush off excess flocking.
Then, with the clear coat and art brush fill in the orange and repeat the flocking process one nail at a time.
DO NOT add a top coat to the flocking. It will last for up to 4 days with light use of hands.
Happy Halloween!!!

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