Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 4th of July! 2012

It is that time for fun July 4th manis! So I will be showing you 3 designs I came up with.
Im starting with these.
After applying your favorite base coat.
Apply 2 coats of white polish. I used China Glaze in Snow 25176
Wait for it to dry completely. I then went for my Cheeky plates. Picked the stamp that would resemble the flowing stripes in the American flag.

I decided to have the stripes go vertical on my nails. Knowing the tips would be blue. Made sense.
For the red I used was Phat Santa 25164

I then put a clear polish on the tip of my nail and lightly feathered on some beautiful looses powder from e.l.f. in the color Beachy.
This needs to be done each nail at a time.

Next I wanted to add a little more sparkle. So I put a blue star on each nail.

Using a dotting tool I place clear polish dot on the nail, then picked up the star with the same dotting tool and places the star on the nail.

Then finish with your favorite top coat!

See you soon for more great July 4th manis!