Thursday, July 5, 2012

Matte finish review

I'm going to be honest with you in saying that I have only ever tried these two matte polish brands. And the reason is, I purchased the butter London first and it worked so well that I never needed another. Now that been said. I was at the nail store and the CND was on the sales table. For $7.00 I thought why not?! And went ahead and purchased it. I think it was on that sales table for a reason. I was so disappoint in this!
Lets start with the Super Matte top coat by CND.
There is nothing super about this. Which is very sad because I love CND polishes so much.
The direction say to add coats for matte preference. If I added anymore to my nail to try and matte it out, it will look like a acrylic nail.
When adding this matte it changes the color of the polish just slightly. It makes it look more milky then matte.
The only positive I can say is that I didn't pay to much for it.

Now onto the butter London. In Shine Free Topcoat Matte Finish
This matte is amazballs!!! That's right..I said amazballs.
One coat people! That's all that's needed.
It mattes within 30 seconds and is dry in 3 minutes
I do realize the price is higher. But I think it ends up being the same if you don't need layer after layer in order for the Matte to work.

On to the proof!
First I have 2 coats of Loreal in Greycian Goddess 560

The far left finger has the butter London. The middle has a gloss top coat. And the far right is the CND.

This was taken 5 minutes after the first coat of all top coats.

CND nail

butter London nail

What do you think?
And what Mattes do you have that work well?


  1. I think you made your point and sometime you do just get what you pay for!! Good job, consumer advocate!!

  2. Love the Matte finish by Butter London. Kris did my nails with it. So many people noticed and loved it!

    1. I know! The Matte looks great on your nails!