Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My e.l.f. Grab Bag!

e.l.f was having a really awesome sale(as usual) and one of the deals was a $20 dollar grab bag if you spent $25. I jump on that! I originally went to their web site for polish, but if you have ever been to there site then you know that its hard to leave with just one certain thing. This is what my $25 purchase was....

32 piece eyeshadow palette in warm colors
cuticle pushers
makeup remover pen
makeup remover cleansing cloths
Stipple Brush
Polish in Mango Madness,Coral Dream,and Fire Coral

I was super excited about the grab bag because when I get onto the e.l.f. site I can never decide what I want with the budget I have. I love all there products so much! So to have someone choose was like a present from a wonderful person far far away.
I happened to love 90% of what I received in the grab bag. Yeah!

32 piece palette in cool eyeshadow. OK, I actually went to put this in my cart and it said out of stock. So, how excited do you think I was to see this?! Wootwoot!

Lotion wipes. Vanilla & Coconut. I am excited to try these out. I usually don't need extra moisture during the summer months,but this winter I will for sure try these out.

All over cover stick in Golden Peach.
Not to excited about this one. Peaches and oranges don't look to good with my skin tone. I'm sure I can find someone who will use this though!

Hypershine Lipgloss in Blossom.
I actually have 3 of these. I use and love them very much.

Contour Brush.
I'm fairly new to the makeup world. I do have a contour brush from a set I purchased at Costco. I love it and it works great. But I am thinking that having 2 wont hurt me one bit.

Cream Eyeliner in Ivory
I only have a black cream eyeliner. That's only because my liquids and pencils work fine. But this looks so beautiful! A slight shimmer to it.

And last. Polish in Metal Madness
This was my favorite in the grab bag! The picture on the site does not do this color justice. If I knew it was this gorgeous I would have purchased it long ago!

Here is everything in the Grab bag.

And the whole lot. In total I spent about $27!

I just love great deal!