Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 Days of new Nail Art

I was so excited to visit family this past week. And of course I brought all my nail supplies in hopes that I would be able to give some manicures. We were all very into it and I even got to do some nail art on friends of the family. The popular trend seemed to be the marbling. I love to give marbling manicures!
So I'm going to show you a new Mani daily for the next 7 days. Starting with...

These were done on my cousin Krystal. She named them "surfs up". Which I must agree with! They for sure remind me of the beach.
She wanted to incorporate her favorite colors.Then we put a stamp on 2 fingers and Matted out 2 more And I think they turned out amazing!
For more picture of this mani visit Krystals Blog!


                                                                       See you tomorrow!

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