Friday, June 1, 2012

Super easy Peacock nails!

I know the peacock nail can seem hard. But the truth is, there is just a lot of steps. But it is in fact very easy. Which is why its in my top favorite manicure. I'm going to take you through a step by step video so you can get this really beautiful look.

Base color OPI Jade is the new black H45
Sally Hansen Grass Slipper 430
Magic Nail Neon Yellow 110
M.N. Copper 123
M.N. Pacific Ocean 117
M.N. Black 102
M.N. Dreamgirl 140
For top coat I used S.H. Clearly quick 110
I also used a small dotting tool and a fine art brush. But a tooth pick works as well.

The Video

A few other peacocks. The colors are endless as long as you keep the basic design of the feather.
See you next time!


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    1. Thanks Krystal. I do love them. I get excited when they are asked for.