Friday, June 1, 2012

How much my guy loves me....

How amazing is my guy? Although I think he loves to get pedicures from me. And boy do his feet need it sometimes! He works so hard.
The hot rod season is here, and my boys try to attend every hot rod car show they can. Its there thing. And I love that. They even have a old truck that they work on together. My son has been getting his hands greasy since he was 4 days old. Shane took him straight to the garage and showed him around.
So it seemed fitting to give him this pedicure.

I used Loreal Greycian Goddess 560.
And Magic Nail Neon Fuchsia 113 (nail art brush set)
For the Matte I used butter London

Turned out nice! And last night my son told me that its his turn today. Gotta love em!


  1. Looking good! His feet are pretty nice for a man ;)

    1. Yes, I work hard to keep them that way. lol Thank you!